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Effective MLB Betting Tips - Win More, Lose Less

Betting on MLB baseball is an excellent way to make the games more interesting. Also, if you're lucky, you can walk with lots of cash in your pocket. It's a win-win for you; you get to enjoy the games and make money from it. However, one thing you need to know is that winning is not as easy as randomly picking a team and placing your money on it. How do you choose a team to bet on? Do you need to flip a coin? Let's look at solid MLB betting tips to help you choose better and win more.

Bet With Your Brain, Not Heart

One mistake that most gamblers make is betting on their favorite teams. Knowing that your favorite team should win is easy but don't go in blindly without comparing the chances. Favorites have a 58-60% chance of winning, but they still lose in the long run. One great tip is picking small favorites that can win and get decent underdog values when making a bet. Another negative part of betting on favorites is that if you lose big on a favorite, you'll be pressured to make over three consecutive wins to negate your loss.

Sometimes favorites lose more than people think. You may win lots of cash with them even if they have low odds. But if you're unlucky and lose a few series, recovering your money will be hard.

Parlays With Many Teams are Very Dangerous

Apart from betting on their favorite teams, another mistake gamblers make is including many teams on their parlay. Many teams on your parlay offer attractive odds, right? The odds may be attractive, but the more risk you'll incur. A parlay of 10 teams for $50 may have a possible win of $1 million, but is that really going to happen? Remember that all it takes is one loss, and you'll have lost your bet. Therefore, keep the teams in your parlay to the minimum or master the art of single bets. You will have minimized the risk and increased your chances of winning.

Pay Attention to Streaks

Be on the lookout for streaks, both winning and losing. No matter how tempted you are, don't be tempted to bet on a team simply because it's on a losing streak. Many bettors lose their money by chasing streaks the wrong way. And, they compound this mistake by increasing their bets each time they make a loss. The rule of the thumb is that don't try rationalizing a team's losing streak. Bet on the losing team because of other reasons because rationalizing their losing streak and betting solely based on that can result in huge losses.

Pay Attention to Injuries and Rising Stars

Which players have been injured? Which players are replacing the injured ones? Star players and good teams get injuries all the time. This means that some rookies can rise up to the occasion and catch the public's attention. Watch out for any injured players who have come back, as they won't hit the ground running. This gives you a chance to make some money. If a team relies on their stars and these stars have been injured, they may have a losing streak and that's where you can cash in. However, don't rely entirely on injuries to win you money; pay attention to who has been injured and who will be out for a long time.

Bonus Tip: Baseball betting comes with a wide range of bet types. Even though you may be tempted to bet across the various bet types, it's recommended that you choose only a few bet types and stick to them. This way, you'll gain enough knowledge in these markets and thus, you will be able to develop better strategies aimed at winning.

By keeping the above MLB betting tips in mind, you will lose less and win more. There are other countless tips, but these are the most important. Good luck in your bets!

MLB Betting Tips